Coding & Robotics Programs




Web Development


* For students who have done little to no coding. Scratch comes in 2 difficulty levels. 1) Beginners and 2) Advanced.
* For students who have previous coding knowledge or have taken Advanced Scratch with us before.
* For students who have a very strong foundation of coding. We encourage all students to take Python before continuing to Java. 
* For students with little to no previous web development experience who would like to learn the basics of Web Dev.
* For students who are eager to learn about robotics, logic, and algorithms. Students will be working in pairs.


The beginners and advance Scratch introduces students to the concepts of computing, logic, and other fundamentals of coding. Students can choose between the Beginners Scratch and Advance Scratch workshops. 


The Python course introduces students to their first real computer language. Through games, they will explore syntax, concepts transferred over from Scratch, and more in depth computing logic.


This course focuses on Object Oriented Programming, Java Syntax, and more in depth computing concepts. Java is known as the "mother language" and is immensely important when working in the Technology industry. 


The Web Dev course focuses on 3 main languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will explore these languages through creating their very own website. Students will also be working collaboratively with each other on their projects.


With the use of EV3 Mindstorms Robot, we will teach the basics of robotics to our students. Students will work in teams of 2-3 to code and operate a robot through a maze created by the instructors.